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Compass Allied Health is a multidisciplinary team of experienced Physiotherapists, Speech Pathologists and Exercise Physiologists. Our therapists are committed to improving/maintaining elderly residents’ mobility and functional skills in order for them to live well and independently.

There are many My Aged Care participants currently linked in with Compass therapists. Considerable time and resources have been put into implementing systems and training to ensure that we are delivering an excellent service and securing what participants need from a therapeutic perspective.

The team prides itself on their clinical skills, ability to communicate with all parties, willingness to advocate for the needs of the participant and reliability in submitting necessary reports promptly.

For more information about who is on the team and what they specialise in, please check our about us page.

We Can Support Participants With:

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    Falls history/fear of falling
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    Reduced balance
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    Reduced strength
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    Reduced endurance for daily activity
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    Chronic/persistent pain
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    Neck, shoulder, back, hip, knee and foot pain
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    Parkinson's disease
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    Huntington's disease
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    Alzheimer's disease
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    Neurological conditions

The benefits for you

Compass offers a flexible and accessible service to accommodate the various needs of the elderly. Our consultations can take place in the school, home, workplace, community facility or Compass HQ Clinic. A personalised management plan is developed for every participant that is goal orientated, measurable and attainable.

In addition to therapeutic consultations, we can provide Home modification assessments, equipment trials and prescription of assistive technologies and therapeutic aids e.g. walking frames, utility chairs, compression wear, exercise equipment, footwear and orthotics.

With our therapist’s knowledge and experience in the local community we can refer the participant on to appropriate and affordable community activity groups which may suit their needs longer term after one-on-one physio is no longer required.e.g. Aqua-aerobic, falls prevention classes, walking groups and Thai Chi.

Our Allied Health services are available for My Aged care participants that have a home care package in place, however elderly residents who do not have one of these packages may be eligible for the Short-Term Restorative Care program.

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Please see the step by step summary below for an understanding of what it would look like to link in with our My Aged Care service:

1. Online referral is submitted for the participant.

2. Senior Compass therapist triages the referral.

3. Participant is contacted by Compass admin and an initial appointment is booked.

4. Initial Consult: 1hr 30mins | 1hr of follow up time is allocated for the therapist to formulate a plan, establish programs, communicate with the care team, write a letter to the participants GP and generate an initial report.

5. Recommendations and a 6 month plan are submitted to the My Aged Care provider for approval.

6. Follow up appointments are booked until the next plan review based off the therapist’s recommendation eg: 45mins fortnightly home visits.

7. Services are delivered and any AT or small consumables are assessed/trialled/prescribed.

8. Two weeks before the plan review date the therapist submits their service plan review which recommends what the participant will need for the following six months and provides all necessary clinical supporting evidence.

9. The process then repeats from step 6.

Compass Allied Health

A convenient and accessible mobile service that aims to improve the health of our clients and community.